Bryan and Tom are great! They both worked really hard, stayed over hours and never gave up just to help me find a car when I was in desperate need of one. I really appreciated every bit of it and they weren't just trying to sell me a vehicle. They helped me budget and made sure I wasn't going to be helpless in end. Stay hello to a high credit score again! And needless to say, I walked away with a vehicle yesterday. 👍 Kaley Hawkins
I couldn`t be happier with my experience at JD Byrider. First of all, I love my car and the warranties are wonderful! But more than that, the service department is amazing! I have never met a more dedicated team to making sure my vehicle is ways safe to drive. I hit a pot hole that popped TWO tires at once. I was in between paychecks, and still had to get to work the rest of the week. I was a nervous wreck about how much it would cost to repair, since the city was of no help, and Steve and his team really came through in a rough spot. My tires were replaced by the next day BEFORE my next shift at work, and they even set up a payment plan to help me cover the cost! I have never EVER had a service department anywhere willing to bend over backwards to help me like that! I recommend JD Byrider to anyone, not only those looking to rebuild credit, but to anyone who likes being treated like a human being with real everyday problems. :-) Kayla Bradford

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